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This page contains tips on using Cherryhill Outdoor products and helpful hints from our time in the field.

Rangefinder Holder
Always clean the rangefinder with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the adhesive button.
Snap the adhesive backed button in the holder and the press your range finder up against it while resting on the holders finger.  This result in the perfect location of the rangefinder in the unit and will keep the rangefinder from spinning or rattling.
Make sure when the button is attached to your unit that the rangefinder is oriented with the activation buttons down.  This way when you remove it from the holder your index finger will be on the activation button ready to range.
If you make a mistake positioning the button; it may be able to be removed once and repositioned by prying around its edge with a butter knife very soon after it is applied.  The harder it is pressed in place and the longer it is in place the harder it becomes to remove without the adhesive being destroyed.
Grip Clip
The grip can be rotated with the teeth facing up or down.  For attachment to a bino harness rotate the teeth so they face up and clip onto the harness.  For a pocket rotate the teeth so they face down. 
The grip clip is not designed to clip through a heavy leather belt,  although it will work with a web belt.  Clipping it to thick leather may bend the teeth.  If you want it at your waist clip to the top of your pants inside your belt of use a web belt.
On a bino harness position the grip clip so its teeth go into the fabric not round the fabric about 2 inches to the  side of your binoculars.  This keeps the holder from sliding and colliding with binoculars.

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Bow Holder
Size the pocket to fit you cam.  This is the most important step for making the unit work flawlessly with your bow. 
Shape the pocket with your hands to better fit your cam.  The material has some memory (like a baseball glove) and the more you use it the better it will fit your bow.
When in a blind or going to shoot sitting down (like bear hunting) move the bowholder to your knee with the top strap around your thigh and the elastic loosely around your calf and shin.  This is by far the most comfortable way to sit and be ready at the same time.

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Riser covers
Always clean riser with rubbing alcohol prior to applying.
Peel the backing half way off and align the riser cover with the holes and the edge toward the shooter.  Work the cover on the bow a little at a time before removing the paper backing keeps the material from becoming distorted.
If you have a new  application put the riser cover on first and then stick the arrow cradle for your rest in place.  The thinness of the material allows the adhesive to have a good bond with the adhesive of most nests.
Put some Quietskin on the underside of your sight window.  This allows you to turn the bow completely upside down without metal to arrow contact and ensures a quieter setup.

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    Last Updated  01/31/2008