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Alaska Yukon Moose, Ray Mozes, 2007, Alaska
White Tail Deer, Ray Mozes, 2007, Pennsylvania
Turkey, BJ & Ray Mozes, 2007, Pennsylvania

White Tail Deer - Pennsylvania 2007

This 10 point buck was taken on our family farm here in Pennsylvania the third week of the season 2007.  He is my best buck to date, gun or bow.   I took him from a new stand location that I hadnít hunted previously.  As I always do I ranged all the trees around my stand more than a couple of times (I keep forgetting how far away stuff is).  I ended up taking the shot at about 8 yardsÖ. well itís good to be prepared.  I had the arrow nocked, the release on the string, and the bow at rest in my holder ready to shoot when he came in.  I love field testing our products.

I finally got him scored in January and he nets 138- 3/8 Pope and Young.  I want to thank my brother BJ for taking this picture, helping get the buck out of the woods, and planting those soybeans!
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Turkey - Pennsylvania 2007

Spring 2007 was good to us.  I bagged a long beard first thing in the morning.  We ranged trees around our setup prior to the bird showing up.

We then saw another bird heading across one of our fields and got in front of him and called him in.  BJ made a great shot on a running bird after he popped up around the brush that was in front of us.  Another great day.
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Moose - Alaska 2007

We took our gear to the roughest testing ground in the world for gear, Alaska! This was the best day of our 10 day Alaskan moose hunt in September of 2007.  The hunt was physically draining; the weather was tough with only about 4 of the 10 days suitable for calling.  I arrowed the moose on day 5 of the hunt and fell into the river up to my chin while pushing the boat off the bank on day six.  I ranged him 3 times before taking the shot, the last time; I ranged the tip of his nose, dropped the rangefinder, drew, aimed, released, and put a 40 yard shot right behind the shoulder.
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