Fast-Draw Riser Cover User Reviews

Quiet skin cuts the noise so it didn’t even alert a mule deer buck at about 20 yards.  The buck didn’t even flinch.

Dick Strauch   Colorado Springs, CO

The riser cover conformed to all the riser surfaces.  Installation was quick and easy.  After several hundred shots it still looks like new.

John Hughes  Chattaroy, WA

Perfect! No measuring, outlining, and cutting needed.  Simply open and apply. Worth every penny!

Toby Lofton    Poplarville, MS

The most appealing aspect of this product is the “made to fit” feature. The fact that it fits perfectly not only saves set up time but looks more appealing.  It only took me about 15 seconds to apply the product. The end result is an accessory that not only looks good but performs as well. I took two feral hogs in two days using this product.  The closest was 5 yards.  It never heard me.

Ryan Massey      Uvalde, TX

I was really impressed how easy it was to install and it’s durability.  I’m glad some one has come out with custom fit products.  I just had to go to the website and order more of these products.

Kallie Chamberlain   Crocker, MO

Mole skin made easy!  Cut fit bow perfectly and the product had just the right amount of adhesive.  Best of all it performed just like it said it would- no arrow noise.

Chris Bryant    Montpelier, OH

Gotta love those Fast-Draw products!  Last year I missed my chance at taking a nice 6 point because my arrow screeched off my rest.  This works great I can’t wait to get out this fall and get some redemption!

Mark Phillips      De Pere, WI

I really recommend this product! I did not have to cut this micro fleece at all. With the custom cut it only took seconds to install this product. Because of the thickness of this product, I know my fletches are not making contact.

Scott Whitehead  Penfield, PA

Easy to install; fits like a glove!  This is all you need.  No wasted material.  Best bang for your buck!

Charles Napier  Hampton, VA

The quiet skin fit perfectly and glued itself to the riser.  Not even the corners have com loose.  Even the summer heat didn’t affect it.

Gregory Corpe   South Bend, IN

This product really quiets the noise when the arrow hits the riser.  I shot several hundred times and it really made a difference when the arrow accidently falls of the rest.

Dennis Gallagher     Cortland, NY

I definitely would recommend this product to any bow hunter.  It fits the bill for noise reduction caused by arrows touching the riser. (That familiar “ting”) This product all but eliminates the pesky “ting”.  Great product!  4 Thumbs UP!

Kurt Aebi     N Springfield, VT

I honestly did not realize the noise my bow was making until I installed the quiet skin riser kit.  I had no problems installing the kit.  It had no adverse effect on arrow flight, speed or accuracy.  I would recommend all bow hunters try the kit even if they think their bow is quiet.

Robin Gochenauer     Bendersville, PA

While on the range I shot without the quiet skin and after I installed it.  It is noticeably quieter.  There was no accidental tapping of the arrow.  Did not affect my accuracy at all.

Randy Wolfe   Willshire, OH

I have had numerous occasions where my arrow has fallen off the rest and the sound echoes through the woods.  The Quiet-skin riser cover has stopped the sound from scaring any prey and gotten me closer to more shots.

Chris Morgan    Carrollton, IL

Excellent product to quiet hour bow riser shelf, precise fit is outstanding.  It looks like it belongs on the bow from the factory.

Douglas Klaus     Stevens , PA

During a recent bear hunt I purposely tapped an arrow against the quiet skin riser cover.  The bear didn’t even flinch! This is the easiest cover to apply and most visually appealing riser cover I’ve ever used.  I highly recommend this cover.

Doug Evans    Salmon, ID

This product was awesome! It holds up well to a lot of shooting.

Rodney Ristow   Phillips, WI

As a test, I first tried the bow without and then with. There really was a very noticeable difference.  I would highly recommend this product for its ease of installation, value, and overall improvement.

Gregory Schwitzer     Sun Prairie, WI

I was surprised such a little thing could quiet my bow down so much. 

Jeffery Reiland    West Des Moines, IA

Wow!  I’ve been archery hunting 20+ years now, and here’s a product I wish I had thought of.  It worked fantastically. This is just the ticket.  No more worries about my arrow falling off the rest and making a noise that will ruin my day!  I was skeptical at first, but it worked very well.

Jim Larose  Masaryktown, FL

After replacing my moleskin, I found this product to be equally as quiet-much thinner-with no change in flight trajectory or aiming pirnt-adhesive qualities are excellent to date.  In short- An excellent product.    I used a tape recorder w/microphone at same distance with both moleskin and fast-draw quiet skin. Could discern no difference in noise volume.

Willie Glaspie  Davenport, IA

Quiet skin made significant noise reduction on my bow set up.  The added confidence in its noise forgiveness allows one to focus “more” on the hunt.

Kirk Moore  Pauls Valley, OK

I felt this products biggest advantage was its thickness or lack of.  I replaced the moleskin I had on my bow with the quiet skin and was impressed.  Its thinness made it easy to cut and apply and it did as good or better at a job in reducing arrow-riser noise.

Tim Livengood  Greenfield, IN

I’d like to quote the package label “Trace, Cut and Apply” It was that simple to install. The main factor I liked the most was the strength of the adhesive used for attaching the product.  My bows riser has a textured surface which other products I have used needed to be reapplied often. As I like to bow fish and water is a main factor, I believe the Fast-Draw Quiet Skin will be a lasting application due to its waterproof.

Andrew Barbato  Harrisville, RI

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