Fast-Draw Quiet Skin Riser Covers Review
This review from North American Hunter magazine September 2006 issue

Quiet Skin micro-fleece covering is less than half the thickness of stand moleskin and is custom-cut to precisely fit your bow’s riser. The covers quiet the noise that can be heard when an arrow comes into contact with the riser. They have a waterproof peel-and-stick backing and are available in Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo.
Quotes from NAHC members:
“This product is surprisingly quiet for its thickness. It was very easy to install and all the cuts matched my bow’s riser perfectly.” Randolph Munoz, Laredo, TX
“This is an excellent product to quiet your bow and riser shelf.” Douglas Klaus, Stevens, PA

For more information contact:
Cherryhill Outdoors
1513 Methodist Road, Greenville, PA 16125