Fast-Draw Bow Holder Review
This review from North American Hunter magazine September 2006 issue

This fully adjustable, pocket-sized bow holder keeps your bow in your hand while supporting the bows entire weight. The holder can be used in both a standup and sit down position with large and small cam compound bows, recurves or longbows. Its available in Mossy Oak New Break-Up and can be used by right or left-handed shooters. 
Top rated categories: Appearance, Durability, and Quality
The ridged construction makes it easy to use and adjust to custom-fit my bow. Using the holder in a seated position keeps the bow upright and ready to go. - Edward Carroll, New Holland, PA
I didnt think Id buy this product, but after testing it, I now know this simple piece of equipment is a great asset to my equipment bag. Richard Abraham, Wayne, MI

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