Fast-Draw Bow Holder Review by Bob Humphrey
This review by Bob Humphrey was posted on the web site in October 2005.

Neat New Stuff
By Bob Humphrey
As an outdoor writer, and new product tester for several national publications, I get to see and try a lot of “stuff.” And that stuff runs the gamut from gimmicky to innovative and quite useful. In future installments, I’ll try to share with you some of the better new products, and avoid the gimmicks. I’d like to begin with a couple new products from a relative newcomer to the archery products industry - Cherry Hill Outdoors.

Fast-Draw 3-Position Bow Holder

If you bowhunt long enough, sooner or later you’ll be faced with a situation where you have to hold your bow and wait for an opportunity to draw. The longer you wait, the heavier that bow becomes. By the time you get to draw, your bow arm is fatigued and shaking.

One of the simplest, yet most useful items I’ve ever found is a bow holster. You hang it on your belt so it supports the weight of your bow while waiting for a chance to draw. I’ve only had two complaints with those available. One: the actual cam holster was made of soft material. Sometimes I’d have to mess around trying to get my cam into the pocket. Two: some of the older models were too small to accommodate big, one-cam bows.

Cherry Hill’s new model solves both problems. It has a hard, rubber pocket that remains open and is big enough for the largest cams. It’s also quiet. Even better, its two-strap configuration allows you to use it in three different ways. Sitting, you can hold your bow against your thigh or below your knee. Standing, you can hold it against your thigh.

Fast-Draw Quiet Skin

Another situation you’ll encounter, if you haven’t already, is “tinking” your arrow against your riser. Initially, I solved this problem by going to the local drug store and buying moleskin, which I’d attach to my riser. Then someone in the archery industry started selling camo “moleskin,” essentially, sticky-back fleece material. However, I still had to endure the frustrating task of cutting it to fit my riser exactly.

Cherry Hill took the frustration out by making Quiet Skin kits that are pre-cut to fit most new bow models. Their current line includes nine versions that will fit most recent Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, Diamond and Martin models. And if you don’t own one of these, they also have a blank version that you can cut to fit.

For more information contact:
Cherryhill Outdoors
1513 Methodist Road, Greenville, PA 16125