Fast-Draw Rangefinder Holder Reviews

This device is outstanding!! I used this not only for my rangefinder but my camera as well while on a recent trip.

Brian Wiles Castle Rock, CO

Its compact design is out of the way when not in use and right there when you need it. It is quiet to use which is a big plus and very simple to set up.

Dale Pelto Escanaba, MI

This is a great product. I got to use it a lot at 3D shoots. Itís never in the way and always works per instructions. I canít wait to use it this hunting season.

Ralph Leonard New Castle, PA

I used this rangefinder holder on several varmint hunts. It was much easier and it kept the range finder out of the way until it was needed; unlike the neck strap I had been using. I highly recommend this product because it solved the problem of how to have the range finder available but not in the way.

Tim C Rhodes Tularosa, NM

I used this product during turkey season. I had a hen at 18 yards and she didnít hear me pull my rangefinder out. It was easy for me to put my rangefinder back without have trouble or making noise.

Aaron Evans Lovingston, VA

If you are a bow hunter, you must have one! No more fumbling around, you donít even have to take your eyes of the deer. How sweet!

Dale Hedgpeth Paradise, TX

Very Handy! The overall construction is rugged and durable. In the past, I put my rangefinder in my shirt pocket, which got in the way when I shot my bow. With the rangefinder holder, I was able to clip it anywhere with the very stout clamp. It didnít rattle or get in the way on my recent spring turkey hunt. I love it!

Chris Atchley Longview, TX

This rangefinder holder works great when you donít want it to hang around your neck. Easy to put back without looking down and loss prevention cord prevents loss but also lets you drop rangefinder during the hurried times when a quick shot is needed.

Randy Hoffman Udall, KS

Plain and simple, this product is terrific! I have a Bushnell Yardage Pro and the Fast Draw Rangefinder holder works great. It keeps the rangefinder within easy accessibility. I used the holder while turkey hunting this spring to check landmarks and it held the rangefinder perfectly and easy to get.

Michael Dennis York, PA

For a long time now I have been looking for a rangefinder holder that I didnít have to take out of a pocket or have hanging around my neck with my binoís. Cherryhill Outdoors has done just that. The clip is strong and stays put on almost any clothing or belt. I took my rangefinder out on a scouting trip to the high desert then wore it while working outdoors for hours. The holder stayed in place and my rangefinder was easy to access. I highly recommend this product.

Dave Calhoun Prineville, OR

The Fast-Draw Rangefinder Holder works very well. I like the clip and how you can clip it to all kinds of clothing and straps, it work great on my range finder and my cell phone, so I will have to get more than one.

Dale Epperly Phoenix, AZ

This is a great tool for my GPS and cell phone. I use it with my GPS when I go out fishing for salmon out in the ocean. It is safe and dry. Great product.

Walter Hurst Eureka, CA

This product rocks! Cherryhill Outdoors has something here. No fiddling, no noise-just Performance, its there when you need it. If you own a rangefinder - Buy this Product. You will always be ready.

Chris L Nass Bruin, PA

Found holder to be very handy. Used while turkey hunting. Found myself using rangefinder more often because it was right there. Kept unit secure even when I tried running and jumping. Another plus is I can still store my rangefinder in its case. Safe and sound when not in use.

Daniel A Machado Taunton, MA

A place for everything and everything in its place. This product is great. No more banging my binoculars and rangefinder together. But they are within easy reach when needed. I would recommend this product to anybody, from hikers to hunters. It stays PUT!!!

George Rue Belle Vernon, PA

The Fast-Draw rubber coating not only keeps it noiseless, it is non-reflective, a must for stalking. An excellent product! The design was totally thought out, they didnít miss a thing. Had to have been a hunter who designed it. Works for all sizes and styles electronic or laser rangefinders.

Michael Sale Winston Salem, NC

I thought this product was great. I used it on my shoulder straps. Very easy to use and quiet. The rubber coating is a great idea. The metal clip is strong and holds tight. This product is now part of my hunting gear. Thank you.

Jay Culley Ashton, ON Canada

Iím very pleased with this product. The Fast-Draw rangefinder holder is made well and is as quiet as advertised. I like the way it can be clipped anywhere. This allows it to be moved as I adjust clothing for weather conditions. Operation is hands only so I donít have to look at it and move my head.

Stephan Waltz Peoria, AZ

I have always had difficulty trying to use my range finder and a set of binoculars at the same time. They always get tangled together and the range finder is too bulky to put in my pocket. With the Fast-Draw Rangefinder holder, my rangefinder is easily accessible from a sitting or standing position and it doesnít interfere with my binoculars.

Rush Moody Northport, AL

Wish I had this during last bow season. Used during turkey season to range gobblers. Great device to keep rangefinder close by while hunting to minimize movement. Great device.

Richard R Brown Jackson, MS

One of the most handy gadgets I own. Hunting has just become a lot more simple. I no longer have to think about where Iím going to place my range finder. One simple clip and itís on my bino straps. The rubber coating makes it so quiet when removing it from the holder. Easy to mount.

Gary Keller Anchorage, AK

Since I do a lot of quad and stalk hunting, this tool has been a God send. The heavy duty snap has never failed due to very rough riding, plus it is capable of clipping on to all kinds of materials.

Lyle Haas Bon Accord, AB, Canada

This device puts your rangefinder in a convenient place and also easy to use. Very helpful in spot and stalk hunting.

Charles M Frick Houston, TX

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