Fast-Draw Bow Holder User Reviews

I really enjoyed this product, before using this I always either held my bow across my lap or rested the cam on my thigh.  This allowed a much better reaction process for a shot.

Charles Rogers- Salesville, AR

I liked the leg attachment design over the neck or shoulder design of a bow sling. (One less thing I have to hang around my neck.)

Robert Fleshman Pasadena, MD

I hunt from a sitting position on the ground and I was able to remove the bow and come to full draw with very little movement because the bow was already in the upright position.  Before I used the Fast-Draw Bow Holder I would have to bring the bow up off my boot and the deer would pick up my movement.  With the Fast-Draw Bow Holder the deer donít see this movement.

James Evans  Blairsville, PA

I really like this product.  It gives your arm a rest when the deer seem to come in slow. A rested arm is what you need to make a good clean shot.

Rex Purcell   Toledo, IL

A must have for the serious bow hunter who sits or stand for a long period of time and likes to keep their bow in hand.    The Fast-Draw will now be part of my gear for bow hunting.

Leonard McLeon  Wolcott, VT

The Fast-Draw Bow Holder is the most versatile of its kind. This works great! Good price too.  Adjustable in any position. It is part of my daily hunting routine.

David Crespo Jr.    Roscommon, MI

The Fast-Draw performed well while sitting or standing.  It adjusts quickly and is very light weight and comfortable so you donít realize youíre wearing it.

Edward Kohler   Massapequa Park, NY

This bow holder is easy to set up for a wide variety of uses and hunting situations.

Steve Magin   Whitelaw, WI

Being a first time archery hunter the bowholder was a great product to add to my accessories.  Very easy to use, the instructions were very clear and helpful.  I most definitely recommend this product.

Bruce Lackey    Wayland, NY

I would recommend this to anyone.  It is very versatile in use. 

Dennis Tuchten  Rolla, MO

I really enjoyed this product.  It is light weight, easy to use, and very comfortable.  The camo design is nice and the durability unmatched.  Most of all, I liked the energy I save in my arm and shoulder by not having to hold the bow through my entire hunt.

David Mullins   Stuart, FL

The product is a great idea.  It allows the bowhunter to focus on the hunt and making a great shot instead of worrying about his arm getting tired form holding the bow.

Justin Stark  Vermillion, SD

This is a great product.  The best feature is the 3-way use.

Michael Tampier   Hampton, NJ

Very quiet. Used it once and got a deer.  You have little movement when going from high to shooting position!!  I love it !!

Mitch Von Ruden  Ontario, WI

I recommend the Fast-Draw to hunters. It eliminates the use of screw and bowholders that screw into trees.  It lets the bow set right in reach, causing less movement to spook game.

Jerry Arms  Dunnville, KY

This product is durable and easy to use.  It made sitting in my stand with access to my bow easier than hanging on a bracket.  Even walking it helped my arms from not getting tired. Great idea!

Steve Forge   Lansing, KS

When I am bow hunting on the ground, I always had to hold my bow off the ground so my wheels werenít getting dirt in them.  With the bow holder my hands are free to do more glassing and rattling .

Nicholas Poole    Vicksburg, MS

Although bow season has passed I had a special hunting trip to try out the Fast-Draw. (A new excuse to my wife.) I found the Fast-Draw Bow Holder to be quiet comfortable and easy to work with.  It was an excellent rest for the bow making caring the bow easy and getting the bow in a shooting stance was very easy.  Over all itís a great item.

Larry Hiller   Duluth, GA

Having used bow holsters in the past, I can say that the quality construction and adjustability are superior t a lot of the competition.  The adjustability will allow this holder to work with most bows and the excellent construction will allow the holder to offer years of service.  Anyone who bow hunts and has never used a holder is missing a piece of equipment which will greatly reduce arm fatigue that can affect the shot when the target is in sight.

Howard Eversole    Florence, KY

I would recommend this product.  Such a simple piece of equipment to use, my left arm thanks you for not having to hold my bow for hours on end.  This product is a great asset to my equipment bag.

Richard Abraham  Wayne, MI

This product makes a bow easier to carry in the field.  The conversion from carrying it attached to your belt to knee for stand hunting is quick and simple.

Robert Scarborough   Lincoln, NE

The ridged construction made it easy to use and the adjustability made it custom fit to my by.  Using the Fast-Draw Bow holder in the seated position keeps the bow upright and read to go.  I highly recommend this item.

Edward Carroll   New Holland, PA

I recommend your Fast-Draw Bow Holder.  Totally! What a relief!  Carrying my bow in your holder was an awesome relief to hours in the GA brush without any support. When the time came for a shot, I was ready and my arm was not tired from holding the bow for hours moving through the brush.

Shannon Miller  Andover, KS

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